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Within our case studies section, you will find a range of case studies that feature our product range and illustrate the various methods we use to successfully handle and move a vast array of ingredients. You can search case studies either by product, by industry or by material.

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Case Study 3003 - Safer Solution Processing Hazardous Explosive

Spiroflow has provided Hexion with a safer more reliable solution for conveying hazardous, explosive hexamine in their Acme, NC plant. They replaced another supplier’s flexible screw conveyors with Spiroflow’s bulk bag discharger and Dynaflow® chain drag conveyor. The new system has yielded a much safer, cleaner and more productive process solution for Hexion.

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Case Study 1025 - Powder Handling Systems Deliver for Gum Supplier

North Carolina based Colony Gums provides the finest quality gums & stabilizers to the food, pharmaceutical & chemical industries. They turned to Spiroflow to increase their conveying capabilities. They now have two side by side powder handling systems that deliver a conveying rate of 20,000 lb/hr (9 tph), with improved productivity, additional safety features, a cleaner environment & reduced product waste.

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Case Study 1024 - Automated Bulk Bag Filling System Streamlines Peanut Processing

Spiroflow Systems gain-in-weight bulk bag filling system delivers 15x productivity increase, increases weighing accuracy over 400%, reduces number of operators from nine to one and minimizes possible product contamination.

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Case Study 1023 - Cableflow Tubular Drag Conveyors Help Eight O'Clock Coffee Expand Production

Spiroflow's automated Cableflow Tubular Drag Conveyor solution delivers coffee from multiple roasters at the touch of a button. Eight O'Clock Coffee required a new conveying system that could transfer coffee from 11 different roasters to bag hoppers above their high speed packaging equipment while minimizing material degradation. Spiroflow's tubular drag conveyors, configured to fit within the plant's current layout, gently move whole bean and ground coffee to the high speed packaging line at a rate of 10,000 lb/hour!

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Case Study 5005 - Spiroflow Solution Helps Recycle Water Bottles into Fiber

Unifi, developer and producer of REPREVE® recycled fiber, creates plastic flake from the millions of plastic water bottles used every day. Spiroflow helped them develop a line to fill & recirculate plastic flake into large mixing silos & also convey flake onto the next step in their manufacturing process. This system included a box dumper, two (2) bulk bag unloaders, five (5) flexible screw conveyors, four (4) aero mechanical conveyors, a hopper & a comprehensive custom control panel.

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Case Study 5002 - Bulk Bag Fillers is used to package fertilizer at US Wastewater Treatment Plants

Vancouver, Canada based Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies has developed wastewater treatment systems that recover nutrients, transforming them into fertilizer. For their systems, Ostara need a reliable bulk bag filler for the material created during nutrient recovery. The machine supplied can fill two 2,000 lb bulk bags in about ten minutes.

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Case Study 4007 - Shower Tray Manufacturer Increases Capacity with Spiroflow Bulk Bag Unloaders with an Integral Flexible Screw Conveyors

Just Trays’ new casting machine doubles output of shower trays. With their previous machine, any difficulty in discharging materials was solved by bumping bags up & down on the hoist that supported them during discharge. Spiroflow supplied two (2) low headroom bulk bag unloaders. One, for calcium carbonate beads, was furnished with bag massagers to promote flow from compacted bags.

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Case Study 5004 - Spiroflow Solution Helps Waste Management Company Treat 50,000 Tons of Waste Each Year

Waste Recycling Group needed a Bulk Bag Discharger to empty single bags and a method of transferring alkaline powder to a blending tank where acidic liquors are neutralized. A Spiroflow single trip Bulk Bag Discharger and Aero Mechanical Conveyor are successfully used for this application.

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