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Within our case studies section, you will find a range of case studies that feature our product range and illustrate the various methods we use to successfully handle and move a vast array of ingredients. You can search case studies either by product, by industry or by material.

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Case Study 3018 - Spiroflow Fills Plastics Into Bulk Bags for Solid State Polymerization Leader

PET UK offers comprehensive polymer enhancing technology and required a Bulk Bag Filler to load up to 20 bags/hour to meet demand. The filler is supplied with pre-weighed batches of material that are loaded in an aesthetically pleasing, stable manner for safe subsequent handling, storage and transportation.

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Case Study 6001 - Spiroflow Eliminates Dust & Streamlines Material Handling for Pharmaceutical Company

Spiroflow supplied two (2) bag dump stations with bag compactors, two flexible screw conveyors to deliver constituents to weigh hoppers, two metering screws to discharge weighed materials at a metered rate into a sifter & a third flexible screw conveyor to transfer the sifted premix for final mixing/conditioning.

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Case Study 3008 - Spiroflow Provides Material Handling Equipment for Recycling Plastic Window Frames & Other PVC-U Products

Increased demand caused Dekura to expand capacity at their factory, where they had a pneumatic conveying system in place. Their pneumatic conveying was expensive to run, fairly noisy & required a filtration system. For the expansion, Spiroflow supplied ten (10) flexible screw conveyors, two (2) bulk bag unloaders, two (2) rigid bin unloaders, three (3) bulk bag fillers and a fountain blender.

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Case Study 3021 - High Accuracy Bulk Bag Filler Provided to World’s 1st Industrial Scale Nanotube Manufacturing Facility

Nanotubes are costly so, whether sold by the bulk bag or in 5 lb packs, the high accuracy filling of their containers is essential. To meet the weighing accuracy of +/- 20 gm, we manufactured a Bulk Bag Filler using the ‘hang-weighing’ principle. Our machine is so accurate that it fills 5 lb bags too!

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Case Study 3019 - Spiroflow Bulk Bag Fillers Help Recycle 36,000 Tons of Sulfur on Alaska’s Northern Slope

A sudden rise in the value of sulfur created the need to recover sulfur waste stockpiled in Alaska and fill it into bulk bags. Two Spiroflow Bulk Bag Fillers complete with integral weighing were supplied. Over 14 weeks, 27,000 bags were filled with 3,300 lb of sulfur each at a rate of nearly 20 bulk bags/hour.

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Case Study 3020 - Custom Bulk Bag Filler for Construction Industry Soft Landing System

A supplier of cushioned packaging material saw an opportunity when the Construction Industry introduced Codes of Practice requiring active protection for operators working at heights. The company’s solution was to offer connectable bags filled with Polystyrene Chips. Spiroflow supplied a Bulk Bag Filler for filling these specialty bags.

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Case Study 8007 - Spiroflow’s ‘Rise & Fall’ Bulk Bag Filler for Loading Fragile Products into Bulk Bags Without Damage

A supplier of a mixed fruit and nut product needed to load 660 lb batches into bulk bags without damage to the product which contains fragile whole walnuts. Spiroflow has a long history of developing equipment to meet the needs of individual customers. The result is a new ‘Rise & Fall’ Bulk Bag Filler.

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Case Study 5002 - Bulk Bag Fillers is used to package fertilizer at US Wastewater Treatment Plants

Vancouver, Canada based Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies has developed wastewater treatment systems that recover nutrients, transforming them into fertilizer. For their systems, Ostara need a reliable bulk bag filler for the material created during nutrient recovery. The machine supplied can fill two 2,000 lb bulk bags in about ten minutes.

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Case Study 1024 - Automated Bulk Bag Filling System Streamlines Peanut Processing

Spiroflow Systems gain-in-weight bulk bag filling system delivers 15x productivity increase, increases weighing accuracy over 400%, reduces number of operators from nine to one and minimizes possible product contamination.

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Case Study 4012 - Kaolin Producer Ramps Up & Streamlines Production

A producer of kaolin wanted to increase their production, density the highly aerated material, automate their process, increase operator safety, and reduce waste. After trying several failed methods to densify their highly aerated product, they turned to Control and Metering, a Spiroflow Company. Using our patented CTE (Cone Table Elite) densification bulk bag fillers, we provided them two dual automated systems has delivered on all their requirements and then some.

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Technical Data Sheet 8019 - Low Loading Bulk Bag Filler

Bulk bags can be easily be filled with Spiroflow’s ‘Low Loading’ Bulk Bag Filler. A special low loading ramp and low profile pallet base makes unloading filled bulk bags a simple operation with a pallet truck.

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