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Themed Entertainment

In the themed entertainment industry, the goal is to safely take away as much human interaction as possible.

Previously, we have implemented control systems and safety systems for operations at water parks. Specifically lazy rivers, action rivers, multiple water slides, and chemical monitoring of all of the pools in a facility. Our controls can also interact with a site's monitoring system to check attraction status to provide feedback for a park's operations team.

We aim to meet the safety requirements requested by our customers. Previous examples include making sure riders are safe distances away from each other, monitoring the proper amount of water flow on slides, ensuring landing areas have enough water and overseeing chemical levels to check for correct pH balances.

Food Applications

Spiroflow Automation Solutions has more than 16 years of experience offering automated solutions for the confections/candy, dairy, and frozen food industries. Because of that experience, we know what you need to meet the regulations of your industry.

Vertical Food Markets


Spiroflow Automation Solutions' controls monitor ingredients as they're mixed which includes monitoring their temperature as well as how they're moved. We understand the importance of refrigeration as well. Our controls monitor the cooking and cooling process, CIP systems, batching, and blending. If your process calls for filling or variable frequency drive servo systems, we have you covered too.

If your plant has old motor controls, our team can help you retrofit and upgrade your processes. We can take old gear and replace it with new equipment. We've observed more and more prepared food plants moving in this direction.

Here are four examples of control systems for manufacturing sauces using Wonderware InBatch for a frozen prepared food plant.

An example of a mixing kettle control system:

An example of a heating fat kettle control system:

An example of a milk kettle control system:

An example of a mixing kettle control system:

An example of a mixing control system:


We understand that when raw milk arrives at your plant that it needs to be pasteurized, separated, homogenized, and then re-blended. Spiroflow Automation Solutions' controls help those processes every step of the way.

Automation will ensure a quality product, every single time. Our controls will monitor the blending, batching, and clean-in-place systems.

Our integration capabilities also extend to the high-temperature short time (HTST) controls form of pasteurization, homogenizers, ingredient data collection, the control of pumps, valves, and refrigeration controls


Our team has experience batch mixing within the juice and coffee industries. We are recognized and certified integrators with Rockwell and Wonderware. Spiroflow Automation's controls use batch software to prepare the mixes by pulling ingredients from various sources, monitoring the mixing, and keeping the product moving.


Our team has expertise in raw material and finished product handling in candy and confections plants. Our controls monitor materials from the oven through to the packaging line.

Do you have safety features already in place? Spiroflow Automation's controls interface with metal detectors, x-rays, and checkweighers. Our controls interface with these features via Ethernet. As a result, we can provide status reports on your product as it moves through your process.

Paint And Finishing

To get a good paint job, you have to control the flow of paint coming out of the device. That's what we do and we've been doing it for decades with installations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Our controls oversee the pressure and flow of the spray. They can also handle changes in color, multiple paints on a line, and rotary/fixed atomizers. We find that automating paint and finishing systems categorically leads to quality results. We recommend the integration of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in order to achieve the best automation solution.

Wood Products

We know safety is on the minds of anyone working around combustible dust. Our controls can monitor and react to sparks with combustible dust systems within the plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), lumber wood, or other similar industries based on NFPA regulations and specific customer requirements.

We understand how dangerous combustible dust in wood mills can be and the possible damage an explosion can cause. Our controls can detect, locate, and extinguish sparks. If there's a specific way you'd like sparks extinguished, our team can meet your requirements.

OEM Manufacturing Equipment

Spiroflow Automation Solutions can provide custom control solutions for machine control applications with OEMs. We are also able to integrate full systems provided into new or existing manufacturing facilities. This integration can include a single vendor's equipment. Often the integration includes equipment from multiple vendors that must be integrated together and into the plant-wide control system.

Do you have your own automation group? We can step in with any and all overflow work. If your plant isn't staffed to handle a large amount of work, we'll be your automation arm. We can represent your interests and provide quotes. Our controls systems can be an extension of your company.