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Control Systems Integration & Implementation

'Control systems integration is the application of industrial control components that include industrial computers and human/machine interfaces to processes. In other words, control systems integration is the use of a computer to make a product.

Control system integrators design & implement sophisticated control systems for manufacturing & industrial facilities. Using their knowledge of engineering, information technology, & business, control system integrators integrate plant equipment & automate manufacturing processes. Automation helps manufacturers & process industries reduce cost, increase production, use less energy & lower environmental impact.'

CSIA (Control System Integrators Association)

PLC Software Development

At the heart of industrial control is the programmable logic controller or PLC. This workhorse of industry has been around for nearly half a century and our engineers have been right there from the start. From the early days of basic I/O operation to the evolution of modern powerhouse processors capable of controlling an entire industrial plant, we have implemented PLCs in nearly every type of industrial control. To meet the specifications of our customers, we have experience in programming and implementation for all the major PLC manufacturers including but not limited to:

    ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, and MicroLogix. Our customer requirements range from the top of the line automation controllers with integrated safety functionality to simple machine control with cost effective hardware configurations.
    Modicon DCS and PLC platforms. Process and batch control systems.
    S5 and S7 using Step 5 and Step 7 software.
  • IDEC
  • GE

PLC Data Collection Solutions: In addition to traditional PLC programming, we also provide PLC data collection solutions for process and efficiency management.

Wonderware Historian, FactoryTalk Metrics, FactoryTalk Historian, and OSI PI

Conversions - Obsolete PLC5 & SLC 500

Obsolete PLC5 and SLC PLCs to CompactLogix and ControlLogix, obsolete HMIs to Wonderware or FactoryTalk View products, brand specific conversions, standard control with traditional safety to complex safety systems with safety rated PLCs.

HMI & SCADA System Development (Wonderware Certified Integrator)
Wonderware Certified Integrator, Wonderware Archestra and Stand-Alone platforms, Factory Talk View ME and SE.

HMI & SCADA System Development (Wonderware Certified Integrator)

Control Panel Design

UL 508A Panel Fabrication

Turnkey control system design and implementation

Motion control and drives - Servo, VFD

Industrial Communication Protocols:
EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, Modbus, Legacy, DeviceNet, Profibus, PROFInet, etc.

Project Management

Control Systems Upgrades

  • Replace Obsolete Control Equipment
  • Porting between Controls Manufacturers (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Wonderware)

Safety Systems

Combustible Dust/NFPA 664

Combustible dust can be a serious hazard in manufacturing. NFPA 664 has established requirements for facilities that process wood or manufacture wood products. Spiroflow Automation has extensive experience with dust collection systems and NFPA 664 requirements. We provide consulting services for current dust collection systems, evaluate spark detection, suppression, deluge, abort venting, and adherence to NFPA requirements. We also provide engineering services for the addition of detection, prevention, and automated responses within a combustible dust system and the process equipment that is integrated into a dust system.  

Watch our video on dust collection.

Ammonia Detection

Ammonia detection is required in facilities that use ammonia as a refrigerant. Our automation solutions are designed to keep your employees safe. We can meet all of your requirements to monitor and mitigate leaks.

Ammonia leaks can be extremely hazardous and a facility's compressor room is the most common place for an ammonia leak to occur. It is vital that warning systems are in place so employees can promptly leave the area.

We strategically put detectors near equipment that uses ammonia. Those sensors are monitored throughout the entire plant and are interlocked with the control equipment. If a leak is detected, the units are automatically shut down, an alarm is activated, and vents are opened. The sensors can be monitored off site if requested. This will allow an operator to check ammonia levels without having to enter the plant. It's all about safety. Ruptures happen. The goal is to always minimize the potential for danger.

Watch our video on ammonia detection.

Field Service Support

On-Site Services

Our Spiroflow Automation team members can visit your plant when your manufacturing process needs improvement. Our engineers will help whether we provided the initial control systems integration work or if another integrator did. We have years of experience with troubleshooting and resolving electrical or pneumatic problems. If you any problems, let us know. We'll gladly help. Just give us a call!

Remote Support Services

Spiroflow Automation has the ability to provide remote monitoring and support services if desired. We can work with the local facility to ensure that proper equipment is in place to remote into the control system and monitor operation and provide troubleshooting assistance if required.