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Bulk Bag Fillers

Dust-free filling & weighing of bulk bags, rigid bins, drums and IBCs

Our range of Spirofil® weigh/fill bulk bag filling equipment is designed for bag capacities of up to 4,400 lb (2,000 kg) and we offer a choice of basic models designed to meet the needs of the majority of applications.  Our bulk bag fillers, sometimes called super sack® loading equipment, are modular in construction, so you can specify any number of options to meet your individual application requirements.

If you are considering a bulk bag filler you likely have a few questions such as

What is the best bulk bag filler for my application?

What should I look for in a bulk bag filler?

How much does a bulk bag filler cost?

How can bulk bag filling save money?

How do I keep my bulk bag filler operating?

How do I maintain my bulk bag filler?

What are some troubleshooting tips for my bulk bag filler?

How can I deaerate material in my bulk bag filling operation?


  • Dust-free
  • Total Containment
  • NTEP Certified Load Cells & Controllers
  • Forklift Bag Removal
  • Pallet Truck Bag Removal
  • Conveyor Bag Removal
  • Low Headroom
  • IBCs & Boxes/Octabins too
  • Semi-automated Filling Systems