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Installation & Service

Installation and Commissioning

Our bulk material handling equipment only leaves our factory after rigorous inspection. However, large conveyors and big bag discharge systems often have to be disassembled for shipping and reassembled for installation. Each piece of equipment must be connected to the power supply and, usually integrated into a process control system. Although comprehensive installation, operating and maintenance manuals are provided, our service teams are always available to install and commission your equipment. Having our experts on site ensures a timely, trouble-free start-up and provides you with pure peace of mind.

Installation and Commissioning Guidance

We offer varying levels of installation support if you prefer to install and/or commission your bulk material handling solution with your own team. Whether is it installation supervision, commissioning/debugging, or on-site training, just let us know what you need.

  • Installation Supervision: This includes assistance piecing together the project package. We provide the customer's installation crew with guidance on support structures, calculating equipment location per the engineered layout drawing, advising installation crews on the proper steps to install the system, as well as assisting the electrical contractors in powering up the equipment.
  • Commissioning/Debugging: This includes inspecting the equipment after the installation is complete, powering up the system, 'bumping' or pulsing motors, checking the direction of motors, aligning and adjusting sensors and switches, checking valves for functionality, setting the force on vibrators, checking cable tension in aero mechanical conveyors, checking pneumatic plumbing, checking electrical connections, assuring lubrication levels are correct, fine-tuning the program to work out bugs or adjust it to suit the customer's needs, plus much more.
  • On-site Training: After commissioning is complete our service technicians can train management, maintenance, and operator personnel on how to use, maintain and service the equipment properly. We show them which buttons to push and what the functions do, where to check and what to look for if there is a problem, how to adjust settings through the HMI, how to check and adjust cable tension, and basically, answer any questions your team may have with your new system.

Service Contract

For the ultimate in peace of mind and trouble-free operation, our service contracts provide scheduled maintenance and the replacement of wear parts. This is particularly beneficial if you have purchased a complete powder handling system. When you share the details of your application and operating conditions with us we can prepare a detailed maintenance schedule for your consideration. Our service contracts can also include delivery of strategic replacement parts on your site for immediate use in case your line goes down. Of course, our customers with service contracts always command our highest priority.

If you are interested in more details about our service contracts or would like your equipment to be inspected and serviced, please contact our Service Team in our UK or US headquarters. We are happy to help!

What you run through our equipment is your business, how you keep it running is ours!