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Spirals, Tubes, Cables, Chains

Spirals and Tubes

All our spirals are manufactured in a range of mild steel and stainless steel. These are all heated treated to provide greater strength and longevity. Heavy-duty spirals are also available for certain high density or aggressive materials.

Electro-polished spirals are also available for pharma application processes.

We have various profiles of spirals in stock to suit your application. Profiles available are round, flat and beveled.

Spiral sizes available:

Model (US) Round Spiral Flat Spiral Beveled Spiral
214 X X  
258 X
(Heavy-Duty Available)
318 X
(Heavy-Duty Available)
(Heavy-Duty Available)
412 X
(Heavy-Duty Available)
658 X X  
834 X X  
Model (UK/Europe) Round Spiral Flat Spiral Beveled Spiral
37 X    
44 X    
55 X X X
67 X X  
80 X   X
90 X X  
120 X    
146 Heavy-Duty X  
196 Heavy-Duty X  

Our Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) food grade conveyor tubes are of the highest quality and more durable and abrasion resistant than any other on the market. We hold a large range of sizes in stock

Tube sizes available:

Model (US) Tube O/D (inches) White UHMWPE Tube Black Anti-Static Tube Rubber Tube
214 2⅛" X X  
258 2⅝" X X X
318 3⅛" X X X
412 4½" X X X
658 6¼" X X  
834 8?" X X  
Model (UK/Europe) Tube I/D x O/D (mm) White UHMWPE Tube Black Anti-Static Tube Rubber Tube
37 37 x 43 X    
44 44 x 51 X    
55 55 x63 X   X
67 67 x 80 X X X
80 80 x 90 X    
90 90 x 100 X X  
120 120 x 136 X    
146 146 x 158 X    
196 196 x 222 X    

We also offer anti-static UMHWPE for explosive materials and heavy duty abrasion resistant rubber conveying tube which is suited for the most abrasive metals, aggregates, and materials.

All our UMHWPE conveying tubes are manufactured the meet the criteria of the USA and UK food regulations.

Cable and Discs Assemblies for Aero Mechanical and Cable Drag Conveyors

We offer 3", 4" and 5" polyurethane cable and disc assemblies in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Chain and Disc Assemblies for Drag Chain Conveyors

We offer 3", 4", 6" and 8" chain and disc assemblies in different configurations. Disc material can be polyurethane, cast iron, or stainless steel in both standard and seal pin chain.

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